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Nicole was very VERY informative. We meshed really well together throughout our conversation. Even though I did study marketing and public relations in college, it still was never a strong point for me. She was able to give me some great tips and ideas to generate traffic and really get my brand out there! I am so excited to work with her on my nail polish brand!

Keva S
Keva SNasty Nails LLC - 5 Star RatingMillermedia

Within 5 minutes Nicole knew the missing piece to our puzzle!! In a 15 minute Free Consultation she gave me a $100,000 idea!! The Marketing Chics Know Marketing like The Donutologist knows Donuts!! They are the Glaze on my Donuts!! Don’t hesitate to give them a call!! I highly recommend them!! The Donutologist

DonutologistThe Donutologist - 5 Star Rating
The Ultimate BUZZ Creation for our Clients in the Event Industry
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How to Successfully Market to Millennials

Today the top brands are competing with each order on who can sustain Millennials’ interest the most to benefit from their consumer influence. Millennials, a.k.a. Generation Y, are the largest generation that have reached adulthood in the 2000’s. They were born between the 1980’s and 2000’s. They are about 80 Millennials in America, making them 25% of the population. […]

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4 Ways That Businesses Can Increase Engagment With Their Customers

Many business struggle to keep their existing customers’ loyalty or successfully increase engage with new potential customers.  The standard social media marketing process of simply sharing and retweeteing content might not be strong enough to gain a large following. New tactics and strategies should arise to develop strong relationships with your target market. Businesses need to […]

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